More than providers, we become your partners

We will help you create and implement tech in the most efficient way, so that your business is future-proof.

Address issues of performance and stability, long before your end users ever see your product

Dedicated Teams

Our software developers, designers, QA Testers and POs go through a rigorous technical and human selection process, this experience guarantees that when you work with one of our Astronauts you will always receive the best results at Latin American prices.

Web Development

We create unique, fast, secure, scalable Web experiences that work on any device. From E-commerces to administrative panels we support you throughout the development cycle.

UI / UX Design

Our user-centered methodology allows us to generate experiences that are tailored to the needs of its users and are easily coupled to their context, thus creating unique and memorable experiences.

Mobile Development

We take advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices to create memorable experiences that drive the growth of your company, reduce operating costs and increase your income.

Custom Software Development

We create engineering strategies that from the beginning evaluate the scope, technical requirements, focus and feasibility of the project, integrating all the necessary systems (hardware or software).

Advanced Tech Development

We have added IoT, AI, Blockchain and OCR among other technologies to our portfolio. With these tools and experience, we are able to develop, modernize and support systems based on advanced tech.