Pi Médica needed to process and analyze millions of data from its sensors in real time

Pi Médica
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  • Advance Tech
  • Web Development
  • QA and Testing

PI Médica is a biomedical and technology company for the health sector that provides a comprehensive maintenance service for biomedical equipment - radiological protection and telemetry, so that its clients guarantee the safety of their patients and collaborators.

Pi Médica had an IoT system connected to a third party platform. As it did not have its own platform, the company could not read and analyze the data from its sensors, so they needed to have their own platform made to measure that would allow it.

We implemented an IoT system that allowed Pi Médica to connect, synchronize, collect data, perform sensor validation and real-time
visualization of millions of data.

What we achieved

+5.500 Million

Data processed and analyzed


Organizations currently use the plataform
Sensors are connected to the platform



Early alerts have been produced